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ECOWAS RegECs Project

  • This project (101103241 — ECOWAS-RegECs) is supported by the Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking and its members

  • Coordinated by The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)

  • Implementing partners are Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana (FDA), West African Health Organization (WAHO), and the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). 

Practical strengthening of regulatory and ethics oversight on clinical trials in West Africa 

Increasing regulatory maturity levels in targeted countries

The ECOWAS RegECs project aims to improve the capabilities of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Regulators and Ethics Committees in vaccines clinical research oversight, particularly in the early stages of vaccine development. It seeks to strengthen the regulators' ability to provide scientific advice and assess clinical trial dossiers based on risk-benefit analysis. By exposing National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and Ethics Committees (ECs) to the assessment of Lassa Fever vaccines, the project aims to prepare them for emergency use approval and streamline the regular registration process.

The project will promote collaboration between NRAs, ECs and the African Vaccine Regulatory Forum (AVAREF) network for efficient management of clinical research in West Africa and aims to create a Lassa disease-related regulatory and ethics network. 

The second main objective of the project is to enhance the Maturity Level of selected ECOWAS NRAs by focused support through FDA Ghana on regulatory systems and clinical trial oversight (Work Package 3).

The WHO Global Benchmarking Tool (GBT) indicators for regulatory systems and clinical trial functions will be used to map the status of ECOWAS countries and develop a strengthening plan for the region.

The consortium collaborates closely with the following entities:

·     AVAREF

·     Lassa vaccine developers

·     Pertinent ethics and regulatory experts

·     NAFDAC, Nigeria

·     Nigeria Ethics (NA DDA)

·     ASRP, Senegal

·     CNERS, Senegal

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