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Our Work

FDA Ghana leads the intended work, with CEPI as project coordinator, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut as supporting agency and WAHO ensuring the dissemination and engagement among ECOWAS countries. 

Using the AVAREF platform for scientific advice and CTA simulations and including ECOWAS observer countries in real live clinical trial application assessments will strengthen the common advice and review processes and lead to reliably generate fast decisions by NRAs and ECs in a seamlessly coordinated way.

The consortium between FDA Ghana, WAHO, PEI and CEPI is confident to significantly contribute to assuring high quality regulatory and ethics oversight during Lassa Fever vaccine development and to enhance the Maturity Level of selected National Regulatory Authorities in the ECOWAS region.



Project Management and Governance


Practical Strengthening of Regulatory and Ethics Oversight on Clinical Trials in West Africa Using Lassa Fever Vaccine Development Projects

Project Meeting


Increase Regulatory Maturity Level in Targeted Countries

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